Unbundled Legal Services

If you are trying to save money by doing an immigration filing yourself, I can review any filing that you plan to make on your own. It can save you time and money. This limited review is called an “unbundled legal service.” This is a practice recognized by the American Bar Association and It allows clients who cannot afford a lawyer for full-time representation to get the representation that they may require for part of your case..

My minimum fee for a document review is $100. I offer discounts for the review of multiple documents, for example, in the filing of adjustment of status applications. If you are interested in my performing this type of limited review for you, please email me at [email protected] and I will give you an estimate of what it will cost for your particular unbundled review.

For my unbundled legal review, I do not promise any particular outcome. I am relying entirely on your disclosure of facts and I will not make any independent investigation unless expressly agreed to in writing.

Also, I may discover facts that may result in advising you that limited representation is not reasonable, and advise you that you need more services or another lawyer.