EDY | About Edward D. Young, III
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About Edward D. Young, III

Highly accomplished Christian, Harvard Law attorney with more than 39 years of experience in administrative, regulatory and public policy law; corporate management, compliance, reorganization; and complex federal litigation.  See www.edylaw.com. Extensive, successful experience in discrimination and immigration law, negotiating complex, high-profile mergers; drafting contracts, legislation, and regulations; and obtaining regulatory approvals, particularly for new services. Has earned a reputation as a consensus builder, even in highly contested markets or among political rivals. Successful career characterized by senior executive, legal and public policy positions. Member, District of Columbia Bar.  My principal immigration office is on a Texas ranch.

Although most of my immigration clients are from San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, I have immigration clients from all over the US and the world.


Core Competencies:
• Extremely effective oral and written advocacy
• Explaining complicated, technical issues in terms that decision-makers can understand
• Winning regulatory, legislative. and public support for the company’s commercial interests
• Inspiring “ordinary” people to achieve extraordinary accomplishments

Former clerk for the Hon. David S. Nelson, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. 

Former Adjunct Professor, Administrative Law, Seton Hall Law School